As the world’s largest school feeding program, Akshaya Patra is currently engaged in ramping up operations to reach
our goal of feeding 3 million children every school day by 2025.

Our ability to provide opportunities for millions of underprivileged children in India every single school day; being a
trusted partner to Central and various State governments in India and our ability to scale operations to feed millions
more children make us one of the best choices for you to support as you plan to give your last gift for 2022.

Thanks to you, we have been able to provide over 3.5 billion meals to children since we started operations in 2000.

That’s right! In only 22 years, we have managed to grow our school lunch program from feeding 1,500
children to 2 million children every school day from 65 kitchens in 22,000+ schools across India.
Our work inthe United States allows us to provide incredible opportunities for Indian children who would otherwise have
continued the cycle of intergenerational poverty for yet another generation.

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