The history of Earth Day goes back to the seventies. In the year 1970, people realized the grave conditions of our planet and began putting effort into protecting it. 1970 was the first year when Earth Day was celebrated. Millions of people were involved. People took to the streets, asking the government to take steps to protect nature. People from all walks of life gathered and pledged to take care of Mother Earth. They showed respect for mother nature and brought environmental problems to people’s attention. 

Earth is the only planet that supports life. It’s unique and the only place that we got. If we can’t protect it, it will endanger our existence.

Life on Earth is dependent on several things. Land, water, soil, forests, and air are all necessary for the survival of life on Earth. But rapid industrialization, unchecked consumption of natural resources, deforestation, pollution, climate changes, etc., has caused severe damage to the Earth’s ecosystem.

What Can We Do for The Planet?

Earth day begins with each individual. When facing the question of what action we should take to protect our planet, the answer is straightforward: promote and participate in fostering respectful behavior towards the environment. It can be as simple as switching off a light bulb when not needed; it could be turning off the tap when brushing the teeth to prevent water wastage.

The Earth Day Celebration at the Akshaya Patra Bay Area Chapter:

The Akshaya Patra Bay Area Chapter decided that they wanted to celebrate this day differently. The Youth Chapter organized to sell plant saplings throughout the various grocery stores in the community. The preparations for the sale took a long time. They had to start a month in advance to prepare for the event. The members prepared by planting seeds in cups to grow and watering them each day. Until finally, little saplings shot out!

On the day of the sale, 100s of these saplings were transported to the grocery stores, where tables were set up outside (courtesy of the owner). Almost all of the saplings were sold on the first day itself! Tons of people wanted to help Akshaya Patra with their mission and also, who doesn’t love homegrown plants?! By the next few days of the sale, the curry leaves and succulents were the biggest success! Overall, this idea of a plant sapling sale to help with Earth Day was a huge achievement!

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