Education Linked to Success

All children grow and develop differently. There are a variety of factors that can influence the way a child grows up, especially their access to quality education. When it comes to education, it is important to start as early as possible. Extensive research has shown that high-quality early childhood education is an extraordinarily effective way to promote continued success in school, the workplace, and in everyday life. 

In fact, the Stanford Graduate School of Education has published a review covering studies on early childhood education and achievement gaps that occur as a result. It may be surprising, but the results explain that the experiences of children in their early years have disproportionately larger impacts compared to the experiences they have later in life. 

Another frequently cited study, referred to as the HighScope Perry Preschool Experiment, randomly placed at-risk, low-income children into either a control group, or into a high-quality preschool program. They then followed their lives and career path from ages three through forty. This study eventually showed that those enrolled in the preschool program were more likely to be employed, raise their own children, own their own home or a car, and were far less likely to be arrested or experiment with drugs.

Here at Akshaya Patra Foundation, we understand the importance of education and the link that early childhood education has with success in later life. This is why we believe that no child in India should be deprived of an education. Through our Mid-Day Meal Program, we are working to feed the millions of children in India who lack the means, but have the zeal to learn and achieve. By feeding them one wholesome meal a day, we give them the nourishment and motivation they need to pursue an education for a better future. It is our endeavor to reach out to every child at the grass-root level of the society.

If you’d like to help us ensure that every child is able to experience success from education, we encourage you to consider donating to our foundation to help a child in India build a successful future.