Kavish Kondap

February,28 2023

Hello, my name is Kavish Kondap, a junior at Francis Parker School, and a head Youth Ambassador for the Akshaya Patra San Diego Chapter. First hearing about Akshaya Patra’s mission

Tanvi Bagri

February,28 2023

Hi! I’m Tanvi Bagri, a junior at Del Norte High School and a head at the San Diego AP chapter. I was first introduced to Akshaya Patra at an annual gala, where I was initially invited to perform.

Thejo Tattala

February,28 2023

Akshaya Patra is a nonprofit organization dedicated to feeding impoverished children in India and supporting their education through the food for education incentive.

Youth Ambassador Recognition – Raj Kashikar

August,08 2022

Hello, I am Raj Kashikar, a senior at Dougherty Valley High School. Learning about Akshaya Patra and its mission to help children in need is what struck me profoundly and it felt like a privilege to participate

Youth Ambassadors Taking Care of Mother Earth

April,24 2022

The history of Earth Day goes back to the seventies. In the year 1970, people realized the grave conditions of our planet and began putting effort into protecting it.

Youth Ambassador Recognition – Ria Pia

March,16 2022

Hello! My name is Ria Pai and I am a youth ambassador for Akshaya Patra in the Tampa chapter. I am currently a Junior in high school and I am looking for ways to help my local and cultural community,

Eesha Avula

January,13 2022

I am Eesha Avula, a freshman at Vista Ridge High School, and I have been very passionate about community service for the past three years.

Krish Parekh

October,18 2021

Krish, born and raised in Ohio, got exposed to Indian music at an early age. He started singing Bollywood classics at the age of 4. Fast forward a little and at a tender age of 8, he found himself performing at

Geetika Peddada

September,08 2021

Approximately 195 million undernourished individuals reside in India, 47 million of which are children. It’s hard to miss this pressing issue, from frequent family visits to news articles and media coverage.

Arjun Sahasrabuddhe

February,27 2020

My name is Arjun and I am in high school in San Ramon, California. My family has been supporting Akshaya Patra for many years.

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