Akash is a brilliant student who attends the Govt. Higher Secondary School in Sedarapet, Puducherry. He comes from a family of four, including his late father, Mr. Devendran, his mother, Mrs. Revathi, his younger sister who is studying in the 5th standard, and his grandfather who supports them all. Two years back, Akash was enrolled in a private school, but due to financial difficulties, he had to transfer to a government school.

Akash is a very friendly and helpful student who excels in his studies. Despite the challenges that he faces, including the loss of his father and financial difficulties, he remains determined to succeed in life. He is especially close to his mother and grandmother, who serves as his role models. His grandfather provides a strong support system for the family, and they live in their own house.

Akash’s goal is to become a doctor, as per his grandmother’s wish. He enjoys the hygienic and tasty midday meals provided by the school’s Akshaya Patra program, which serves nutritious meals to children. This program has been instrumental in improving attendance and academic performance in government schools. His favorite teacher is his Tamil teacher, Mrs. Tamilselvi. In his free time, he enjoys playing cricket and reading books.

Akash is an inspiring student who overcomes numerous challenges to pursue his education and achieve his ambitions. He has a strong support system in his family and teachers, and he remains optimistic and determined despite the difficulties that he faces. His story serves as a reminder of the importance of perseverance, the role that education can play in transforming lives, and the impact of programs like Akshaya Patra in providing nutritious meals to children in need.

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