Annapurna Revannavar, a 7th-grade student at Government Higher Primary Girls School in Hebsur, Tq. Hubli, is facing several challenges with her family, including financial difficulties. Due to their situation, cooking nutritious and delicious meals daily has become a challenge. However, Annapurna is grateful for Akshaya Patra, which has made it possible for her and her siblings to have access to nutritious food every day.

Annapurna is an ambitious young girl with a passion for the English language and dreams of becoming a female soldier. She is also a sports enthusiast who enjoys playing Kabaddi. Annapurna’s family of four consists of her father, who is a milk vendor, her mother, who is a tailor, and her younger brother and sister. Her father’s medical condition has made it difficult for him to provide for the family, and her mother works tirelessly after completing her household chores to support them.

Thanks to Akshaya Patra, Annapurna, and her siblings are able to receive nutritious meals regularly. Her favorite food is Pulav, and she looks forward to it every day. Despite the challenges her family faces, Annapurna is determined to pursue her dreams and succeed in life.

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