Bhumika Itagi, a 7th grader at Government Higher Primary School in Vishweshwar Nagar, Hubli, has a passion for reading books and a deep concern for the injustices faced by women. Despite her young age, Bhumika is determined to join the police force to help end violence against women. She comes from a family of four, including her father Annappa, who works in a mobile phone showroom, her homemaker mother Renuka, and her 9th-grade sister Deepika.

Bhumika is a big fan of the Akshaya Patra Foundation, which provides healthy and tasty food options in the Mid-Day Meal program. Her favorite dish is Upma, and she believes that the food provided by Akshaya Patra is unique because of its variety of ingredients and nutritious quality. She even goes as far as to say that the food surpasses what can be made at home in terms of taste and nutrition.

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