Akshaya Patra’s provision of delicious food not only makes my daily routine easier but also shows me that they care about my well-being.

Namrata Itagi is a 7th-grade student at Government Higher Primary School in Vishweshwar Nagar, Hubli. Her dream is to become an IPS officer, and she is passionate about sports, having won several prizes in district-level Khokho competitions. Namrata wants to use her position in the police force to serve society and bring order by taking strict action against criminals to curb crime.

Namrata comes from a family of four, with her father working as a masonry laborer and her mother as a homemaker. Her brother Navaneet studies in 8th grade at the same school. Namrata travels about 5 km by bus to school daily.

“Akshaya Patra’s provision of delicious food not only saves me the trouble of bringing lunch to school, but it also gives me the energy to stay focused and excel in my studies,” Namrata shares. “Their generosity is greatly appreciated and I am grateful for their kind deed.” By ensuring that students like Namrata have access to nutritious meals, Akshaya Patra is helping to create a brighter future for the next generation.

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