Ravi, a 10th-grade student, grew up in an orphanage near Bondel in Mangalore. Despite his circumstances, he is a diligent student who has received a scholarship to support his education and other needs. He attended Kundapura Karnataka until 6th grade, then moved to Kavoor primary school for 7th grade, and is now studying at GPUC Kavoor.

Ravi is highly regarded by his classmates and teachers and has a passion for kabaddi and singing competitions. He is also an accomplished artist, receiving recognition for his drawings, including a reward from Akshaya Patra.

Akshayapatra’s meals have not only nourished Ravi but also made him feel more connected to the organization. He appreciates the tasty and varied food, with pulav and pickle being his favorite dishes, and values the homely atmosphere it creates.

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