Renuka is a diligent 7th-grade student enrolled in GHPS Mullakadu, hailing from a financially struggling family of four. Her father earns a living by working as an apartment watchman, while her mother is a house cleaner. She has a younger brother who studies in the 4th grade and also attends the same school.

Despite the challenges she faces, Renuka has been a part of GHPS Mullakadu since 1st grade and has earned a reputation for being an enthusiastic and conscientious student. Her passion for social sciences and extracurricular activities, such as reading, playing kho kho, and participating in various athletic events, sets her apart from her peers. Additionally, she is known for her talent in storytelling.

Renuka’s passion for athletics has brought her many accolades, including numerous awards and medals. Her ultimate goal is to become a police officer, and she is working diligently to achieve that dream.

Due to her family’s financial difficulties, Renuka often has limited access to nutritious meals. However, she appreciates the mid-day meals provided by Akshaya Patra, which are more diverse and flavorful than her regular meals. Her favorite dish is the spicy pulao.

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