What We Do?

Hunger continues to be a barrier to education and consquently a better life for millions of children across India. Many people prefer to send their children to work to support the family instead of sending them to school to get an education. Being out-of-school deprives these children of their Right to Education and Right to Aspire.

Mid Day Meal

Nourishing 2 Million children everyday

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Provide nutritious meals to infants, children, pregnant and lactating mothers

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Digital education

Support Digital education & inclusion for underprivileged children

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Give them the opportunity and tools to shape their future

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Nonprofit Organization in the USA

Akshaya Patra (Aak-sh-ayah pa-tra) is the world’s largest NGO school meal program, providing hot, nutritious lunches to over 2 million children in 22,000 schools across India every day.

Akshaya Patra USA is a nonprofit organization that works to support the mission of the foundation by engaging thousands of volunteers and donors in the United States. Our nationwide Chapters, present in various states, have been working tirelessly to raise funds and awareness for the foundation. These efforts help to ensure that more children in India have access to nutritious meals, allowing them to learn and grow in a healthy environment.

Akshaya Patra USA has nationwide Chapters in the USA. Through the support of our volunteers and donors, the Foundation is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children in India. Together, we can make sure that no child goes hungry while they are in school, and help to build a brighter future for all.

No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger
To feed 3 million children every day by 2025
Delivering to
24,000+ Schools
Feeding 2.2+
Million Children
72+ Next-Gen
Servicing 16
States, 2 UTs